Sayari’s Journey

Like her gypsy ancestors  a thousand years ago, Sayari Sapera left her desert village on a journey that took her all across the world. She was literally born on the road near the small desert village of Samrau in the epic land of Rajasthan. A sparkling personality with strong determination,  Sayari  started performing as a singer at the age of 10, and then devoted herself to learning dance. She rapidly worked her way up the professional ladder, winning awards and high profile bookings which culminated in a twelve-year series of world tours that took her to 19 countries.  From Paris & New York to Stockholm  & Tokyo  she schooled herself the gypsy way, hungrily absorbing new experiences and encounters. Enriched with first hand knowledge, she wanted to share her insights with others and help them follow her path.

With the help of her master musician husband Sheru Nath Sapera and old friend Philippe Tapp, she founded Sayari Roots of Gypsy, Ltd and became the first Indian gypsy woman in history ever to start and head a company. <<Her story continues on Page 2 >>