Sayari’s Journey

Fusing tradition with innovation, her team devoted many years to refining and perfecting their performances. They mixed countless hours of studio practice with regular shows at luxury hotels to develop a diverse Kalbelia repertoire that both delighted audiences and artistically satisfied the performers.

In this process, Sayari also polished and shared her teaching skills, both with her company members and many foreign artists.. . A number of their students have gone on to live out previously unimaginable dreams performing in breathtaking shows and earning for the first time personal respect and recognition. This work so gratified her and husband Sheru that they founded their own NGO to artistically train  and educate gifted but impoverished gypsy children

Managing these undertakings as a gypsy woman has been extremely challenging, even in today’s India, but her success has helped change people’s perceptions of her gender and her caste. Both Sayari the woman and Sayari the gypsy artist have elevated themselves above their born status while helping others do the same and enriching Rajasthani culture.

Sayari and Sheru are now planning to expand their educational activities to enable more village youth to transform themselves and their lives with fresh artistic chances. Sayari  also believes there is so much to be gained by bringing deeply humane village values into the moral void of modern cities. She feels both worlds can benefit from this cultural bridge and give greater meaning to all our lives.